Modern Bikes

Bicycles, also called bikes or cycles, made their debut into the world in the 19th century. Over the years, as the technology changed, their design and functionality has also improved. Most bicycles are human powered through pedalling although motor-powered bikes also exist. Primarily, bikes are used as a mode of transport especially over short distances.

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Parts of a Bicycle

All cycles have wheels, a seat, breaks, the handle bar, the pedals, the frame and a chain. Motor powered bikes will also have a motor. In most cases, the structure of the bicycle will remain the same although the wheels will change based on the intended purpose of the bike. For example, road bicycles will have smooth, high pressure wheels while off road bikes have wider, lower pressure wheels with treads for excellent grip.

Types of Bikes

They can be classified based on a number of factors such as their intended use, the number of users, how they are powered and their general construction. Road bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes, cyclocross bikes, fitness bikes, specialised triathlon bicycles, sport bikes, cruiser bikes, comfort and city bicycles are some of the popular types of bicycles. 
What can you use your bike for?bike courier serviceDue to their affordability and low maintenance costs, bikes have become a favourite means of transport for short distance courier services, especially for small packages and items. Mail couriers, office messengers and even food delivery services have been known to use bicycles in their work.

Cycling to work

Those who live near their work places have the option of cycling to and from work. It is not only an affordable means of transport but it is also environmentally friendly as most bikes do not contribute to the carbon emissions as their vehicular counterparts.
Health and fitnessCycling has also been adopted for health and fitness purposes. Specialised fitness bikes exist to ensure that you achieve your goals while protecting your body from any form of injury. However, you must ensure that you use the appropriate gear when exercising.
Recreation Cycling groups and clubs utilise bikes for recreation purposes. Kids, young adults as well as old people cycle for fun with friends and family. This may involve cycling around the neighbourhood or organised cycling trips in designated areas.

Choosing an appropriate bike

First, your must decide what you want to use the bike for. For example, if you are interested in joining a group of cyclists for their mountaineering activities, it is best to acquire a mountain bike. Second, is the cost of the bicycle. While there are cheap bikes, high quality bikes can be quite pricey. You must therefore decide how much money you are willing to spend before you start shopping. Third, you must also keep in mind the availability of spare parts in your area as this may affect maintenance costs in future. You must also consider the ability of the bike to be customised and accessorised. for example, fitting a courier or luggage box where necessary.

The affordable maintenance, the environmental friendliness, the ability to serve multiple purposes and the fact that bikes can be used by people across different age groups make them very appealing. However, safety is paramount and therefore, no one should compromise on observation of all traffic rules and the use of all necessary safety gear when cycling.